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Our intricately designed curriculum makes for shorter classes giving you the flexibility and practicality to still work, taking less off your time, while thoroughly covering all the essentials you will need to become a successful makeup artist.  We know that you can learn in less than half the time what it would take you a month to learn in other makeup schools, at a small portion of the price.


Class sizes are kept small (8-12 students) to insure the best training and ease in communicating with your instructor for each and every question as you go through the course hands on.

Where can I find work as a Makeup Artist?

Weddings / Modeling Agencies / Quinceneras / Private Clients / Salons and Spas / Retail = M.A.C. Cosmetics, Sephora, Mall, Makeup Counters/ Prom Nights / Senior and Family Portraits / Portrait Studios / Local City Events / Local company Advertisements / Magazines and publications / Movies / Music videos / Runway shows / Television / Film / Theater / Award Dinners / Broadway Shows / Entertainment events / Theme Parks / Face painting / Children’s parties /  Celebrations / Holidays and much more.  CMC is designed to fulfill a need for dedicated, qualified professional artists. You can work with Photographers, Models, Designers and Magazines to build your expertise, experiences and portfolio. There are plenty of people who need makeup services for the artist who is serious about this industry.

If you are passionate about makeup and think professional make-up is something you would love doing as a career, we would love to hear from you.


KSBS Instructors are all professional working freelance makeup artists including guest Celebrity Makeup Masters, with many years of experience & knowledge in both makeup application as well as the how to’s of running successful careers. They will bring current industry knowledge in the fields of Beauty and Fashion makeup application into the classroom.

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