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Learn Special FX/Halloween Makeup

Special Effects (FX) makeup is a truly amazing field of artistry full of exciting ideas, opportunities, and more. With special fx makeup, you can bring your wildest dreams and most creative ideas to life through brush strokes, classic techniques and even some advanced skills.

Unsurprisingly, one of the greatest uses for special fx makeup is Halloween. As the holiday of witches, wizards, werewolves and more; Halloween is an excellent opportunity to showcase your makeup skills. If you’re an aspiring special fx artist, you can use Halloween as a time to find talent, clients, or build your reputation. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, then Halloween is your time to show off your hobby and skillset! Here’s how to maximize Halloween haunts for whichever kind of makeup fanatic you are.

The first step in having a successful Halloween season is preparation. Makeup schools like KSBS Studios make prep easy with the 5 day Special FX, Trauma, Moulage and Creating Silicone Prosthetics class. This class includes lab fees and use of supplies, tools, chemicals, special FX makeup, airbrush makeup and equipment and all supplies needed for in class use in class.

The KSBS Special FX course will also leave aspiring professional artists in the perfect position to leverage talent and build careers as makeup artists.

We recommend trained, aspiring artists reach out to theme parks and haunted houses in your area and discuss the benefits of having a special effects makeup professional do some touch up on their employees. Some simple brush techniques can move the needle as far as fear factor of a haunted house as you help make fear a reality and turn your makeup education into a lucrative seasonal or year round special fx makeup career. By choosing a career in special effects makeup, you open yourself up to many different opportunities, especially if you develop a specialized skill like body painting, character creation, or prosthetics. These skills will help you build your career as a makeup artist. Visit to schedule your special FX training and get started in developing your skills.

If you aren’t looking to take a class but would still like some tips on Halloween prep, keep reading for more information!

Regardless of your costume choice, getting a Halloween makeup kit tailored to your character can simplify your application process, making it an important first step in Halloween prep. Getting your own makeup kit ahead of time can also save you the hassle of hunting for items. Whatever you choose, it’s better to stick with higher-quality makeup, because it doesn’t typically cost a lot more than lower-quality versions. It also looks better, is less likely to irritate your skin and is far more apt to withstand the evening.

Speaking of skin irritation, if you are just looking to perfect a spooky special fx makeup look on yourself then your next step in effective Halloween prep is patch testing. We all know how it can go when you buy a new product, sometimes it can feel like being a kid, and you got your hands on a new toy that you couldn’t wait to play with. Please, remember that allergic reactions are never worth the risk! Irritating and allergenic ingredients are common in cosmetics as everyone’s skin is different. And as you may be tempted to try entirely different products to get your Halloween look you want to make sure you’re giving them the appropriate amount of patch test time to make sure you don’t wind up with any itchy surprises on the 31st.

To complete a patch test you can apply a small amount of makeup to the inside of your forearm or elbow. Leave it there for 24 hours. If the product can be easily smeared, cover it with a bandage.

After the initial 24 hour period, check for any redness and/or swelling. If it does cause irritation, you shouldn’t wear the product and cross check the ingredients list to isolate what caused your reaction.

After patch testing, you want to make sure you take the appropriate time to prep your skin according to its needs. Prepping your skin via exfoliation and moisturization is a crucial step anytime you do your makeup, but especially when you want your special fx makeup to last through every stop on the Halloween party train.

To create a smooth and even base for your makeup, gently exfoliate your skin beforehand. Exfoliating will help get rid of dead skin, oil, and bacteria that can cause breakouts. From there apply a protective base by priming the skin with a hydrating moisturizer like the Creamed Shea + Mango Facial Moisturizer from Dallas based brand, The Bohemian Shepherdess is non-greasy and plumps the skin creating the ideal base for makeup. You can apply it to your lips as well for an extra hydration boost on chilly Fall nights.

As special fx makeup often makes use of tricky adhesives and glues you want to make sure you are using products that are specifically designed to be used on the face. Avoid superglue or other glues you have around your house. If you are gluing fake eyelashes on, use lash specific glue, and be sure to apply it to the eyelash first. Before retiring for the night it will be important you take off any prosthetics, lashes, fangs, and makeup you have on. Not only will you wake up feeling great, but your skin will thank you for taking the time to make sure it looks a lot more refreshed and less like one of last night’s zombies.

It is not recommended to simply rip off prosthetics or anything else you have attached to your face. The type of adhesive you used will determine the solvent you need to safely and efficiently remove any prosthetics. Be sure to read all instructions on adhesive packing and most importantly, be gentle and take your time.

KSBS Studios offers classes covering all styles of makeup artistry in online and in person classes. Whether you are interested in a professional career as a makeup artist or just interested in developing your makeup application skills you will find value in a KSBS class. There are hundreds of cosmetology schools in the Dallas area, but only a handful of schools like us that focus exclusively on preparing you to work as a professional makeup artist immediately upon graduating. Discover whyKSBS is well known in the makeup artist community as producing talented, well-rounded, and hireable graduates.

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